Do simple jobs and earn extra money 



Choose suitable jobs (workbits) and apply to them one day at a
time in just a few clicks.


After applying for a workbit, the employer has to select you.


If you get selected,
you go and do the job.
After the job, you and
the company will give
feedback to each other.


If you clicked with the employer, you can work for them again repeatedly, without having to apply again.

We will register you with the tax board, pay all taxes and
transfer the pay to your account within 1–3 days of the job.



Join thousands of other 

GoWorkaBit helps you find temporary or long-term work in various companies, choose a suitable workload, change your profession, or work several jobs at the same time. Most importantly – you work on your own terms. Make your working life exciting and diverse and start a new type of career path!

Kristo, 28

„Being selected for a workbit gives you a good opportunity to experience something new and earn some extra money.“

Marta, 42

„Thanks to GoWorkaBit, I can plan my working time and work according to my abilities.“

Ahto, 56

„I need a lower workload so that I have time for my family and business. Sitting in an office from nine to six five days a week doesn’t seem to suit me anymore. “

Riin, 68

„I want to be a great grandmother to my grandchildren, which means I need a little more time for my grandchild. GoWorkaBit allows me to plan my working hours better.“

Helis, 26

„It’s important to have a flexible schedule that takes school into account.“

Mihkel, 33

„I did a workbit, which made me feel good and that I should do it again, as I can’t be bothered to be idle at home every day – you wake up at 11 and wonder what to do today. Having a goal, e.g. doing a workbit, makes you feel much better – and knowing you get extra money is especially nice.“

Martin, 37

„If I want to do something at weekends or get a ticket for a cultural event that costs €100, why not do workbits and earn some extra money for them.“

Meeli, 36

„I can’t work full time due to my health. GoWorkaBit keeps me busy. I can try out new jobs and earn extra money. And if I feel like I need to take some time off due to my health, I’m free to do so.“

Pentti, 38

„I’m actually looking for a full-time contractual position, but as I haven’t managed to find anything I like, I’ll keep doing workbits. This gives me extra money and maybe a new idea about what I want to do long term. Or what I don’t want to do.“


How does it work?

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Choose days that suit you

Get access to a list from which you can choose jobs that best suit your rhythm
of life, one day at a time.

More than 100 workbits are added to the GoWorkaBit platform daily. These are
primarily jobs that do not require previous training – in logistics, trade, manufacture,
or accommodation. Mainly in Tallinn, Harju County and Tartu.

No application needed with favourites

Ühekordsete tööampsude puhul maksame töötasu 3 päeva jooksul
peale seda, kui oled meile märku andnud, mitu tundi Sa tööd tegid.
Pikaajalisemate ampsude puhul kord nädalas kolmapäeviti.

Kõikide tasude pealt maksame ära tööjõumaksud ja registreerime
Sind ametlikult tööle, selleks, et sul oleks olemas tulevikus pension,
haigeks jäämise korral ravikindlustus ja muud hüved, mida riik
maksumaksjatele pakub.

Companies who have given you positive feedback and have added you to their team are always available to you when their schedule is open.
Simply click to get this shift for yourself.

Töötasu laekub kiirelt

Here are some part-time retail, warehouse and manufacturing jobs you can do alongside your main job or studies whenever you want to earn extra money quickly and easily.